MJC Mobile Account Management


How to Set-Up an Account –

  1. Approach any Mutuel Teller and inform them you are interested in opening a “Daily Account”. 
  2. If you are a member of the Premier Player Club, present your Premier Player Card to the teller before you make your initial deposit. They will run the card through their reader to ensure you get credit for your account wagers.  (This is an option – you may create the account without this step if you chose to or are not a member of the Premier Player Club.   The Premier Player Club offers premiums based on wagering amounts; earn cash and prizes for betting. You can register for the Premier Player Club at Guest Services on the first floor Clubhouse at Pimlico and first floor Grandstand at Laurel.)
  3. Hand the teller the cash ($20 minimum) that you want to deposit in your “Daily Account”, and they will issue you a “Daily Account” slip for that amount.
  4. Notice that the “Daily Account” slip has both an account number and a pin imprinted on the face of the ticket along with the amount of your initial deposit.  It is highly recommended that you change your pin once you have gained access to your account on your mobile device.
  5. Please be aware that your “Daily Account” slip is a bearer instrument!  If you lose or misplace your slip, anyone who finds it may present the “Daily Account” slip to any Mutuel Teller for payment.

How to Deposit additional funding on to your account –

  1. Take your “Daily Account” slip to any Mutuel Teller and tell them you would like to make an additional deposit onto your account. 
  2. Hand the “Daily Account” slip and the cash to the teller, and they will apply the funds to your account.
  3. In order to add additional funds to your account, please note that you must log off of (or “Hang Up”) your account through the “Account Functions” menu.

How to access IRS reportable winnings on your account –

          We recommend making your IRS winnings’ claim within 24 hours of placing your wager.

  1. IRS reportable winnings are not automatically credited to your account.  In order to release those monies into your account you must present your “Daily Account” slip to a designated IRS Mutuel Window for processing.
  2. Processing an IRS reportable transaction requires a Drivers License or similar state issued ID and a Social Security Card.
  3. Once you have given those items to the Mutuel Teller, they will prepare the necessary paperwork and release those “held” funds into your account.  You will need to sign an IRS form W-2G to verify your information, and you will receive copies of those forms for your tax records.

How to Withdraw/Close your account –

  1. You cannot make a partial withdrawal from a “Daily Account” at a Mutuel Teller Window.  If you want to deduct a portion of a balance from an account you would have to close the account completely and take a portion in cash and have a new account issued for the amount of your choosing.  Remember that your new account will have a completely new account I.D. and PIN.
  2. Take your “Daily Account” slip to any Mutuel Teller and tell them you would like to close your account.
    You cannot close your account if you have any "open wagers", that is any wager on a race that has not yet run.
  3. The teller will run the "Daily Account" slip through their reader and will give you cash for the balance of your account.