What do those marks mean on the Latin American Racing results?

On the South American tracks the final results may show certain symbols next to the 1-5th place finishers.

The symbols are the margin of lengths in front of the next finishers.

Every circle is a length - so 2 circles and a quarter circle would be 2 1/4 length advantage.
Anytime you see a C - it stands for a head (cabeza in Spanish) P is a neck A line through the letter is a half a head or neck.
An E is a "empate" - a deadheat.

On top of the "finish tower" - you'll also see different color flags.
A green flag is a photo finish.
A red flag is an inquiry.
A blue flag is an objection.

To find out more about South American racing, you may want to visit www.larchannel.com.