Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in the Terrace Dining Room and Laurel Club 1. During live racing you can use the ATM located first floor grandstand.

No outside food or beverages are permitted.

Yes, but they must be under adult supervision at all times.

Casual attire. No cut-offs or tank tops in the dining areas.

You must be 18 years of age.

The Maryland Racing Commission requires that all winning tickets and credit vouchers must be cashed within one year of their issue. These can be redeemed in person at any Maryland Intertrack or by the mail. Tickets should be sent registered or certified mail to: Laurel Park, Post Office Box 130, Laurel, Maryland, 20725. ATTN: Mutuel Department.

NOTE: If you bought your winning ticket in another STATE and TRACK outside of Maryland, that's where you MUST cash your winning ticket.

RT 198 & Racetrack Road
Laurel, MD 20724

1 Furlong = 1/8th mile (660 feet, 220 yards, or 201.17 meters)

Workouts Lengths
2 Furlongs = 1/4 mile
4 Furlongs = 1/2 mile
6 Furlongs = 3/4mile
8 Furlongs = 1 mile

Race Lengths
5 Furlongs = 5/8 mile
5.5 Furlongs = 11/16 mile
6 Furlongs = 3/4 mile
6.5 Furlongs = 13/16 mile
7 Furlongs = 7/8 mile
7.5 Furlongs = 15/16 mile
8 Furlongs = 1 mile
8.5 Furlongs = 1 1/16 miles
9 Furlongs = 1 1/8 miles
9.5 Furlongs = 1 3/16 miles
10 Furlongs = 1 1/4 miles
10.5 Furlongs = 1 5/16 miles
11 Furlongs = 1 3/8 miles
11.5 Furlongs = 1 7/16 miles
12 Furlongs = 1 1/2 miles

Horsemen's Bookkeeper Hours

Laurel Park (June - mid-September)
Monday - Friday 10:00-1:00pm
Phone: 301-725-0400 x 5659 Fax: 301-725-0410
Laurel Park (mid-September - March)
Wednesday-Sunday 10:00-5:00pm
Phone: 301-725-0400 x 5659 Fax: 301-725-0410
Pimlico (March - mid-June)
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10:00-5:00pm
Phone: 410-542-9400 x 5659
Fax: 443-923-1688

On the South American tracks the final results may show certain symbols next to the 1-5th place finishers.

The symbols are the margin of lengths in front of the next finishers.

Every circle is a length - so 2 circles and a quarter circle would be 2 1/4 length advantage.
Anytime you see a C - it stands for a head (cabeza in Spanish) P is a neck A line through the letter is a half a head or neck.
An E is a "empate" - a deadheat.

On top of the "finish tower" - you'll also see different color flags.
A green flag is a photo finish.
A red flag is an inquiry.
A blue flag is an objection.

To find out more about South American racing, you may want to visit

Laurel uses a “second finish” line to accommodate running races at 1 mile on its dirt track. By moving the finish line about a 1/16 of a mile further down the track, we can run the mile distance with one turn. All sprints and races longer than a mile finish at the “first”, or main finish line.

The Laurel Park turf course area is 142 feet wide. We have the ability to move the portable rail so there is no overuse of one area of the track and the 6 turf course names and locations are as follows:

On the rail: All Along
17 feet out: Bowl Game
35 feet out: Kelso
52 feet out: Dahlia
70 feet out: Exceller
87 feet out Fort Marcy